1. Februar 2018

The traditional Lenzburg Seminar on aviation, organized by our former partner Prof. REGULA DETTLING-OTT and the University of Berne, took place on 26 and 27 January 2018.  One topic was the Brexit, which will also affect the Swiss aviation industry.  It is essential that the Swiss government finds practicable solutions with the United Kingdom, which are compatible with Switzerland’s bilateral agreement with the European Union.  A presentation of our partner BEAT DENZLER showed that competition law may affect also small and medium sized businesses in aviation.  Dr. Bernhard-Stephan Steinmetz, legal counsel of Cologne Airport, and Dr. Laurent Chassot dealt with the liability of airports.  Dr. Urs Ziegler, Head Environmental Affairs at FOCA, spoke on the ICAO emission trading scheme and its relation to the emission trading schemes of the European Union and Switzerland.