Liability and Insurance Law

We have extensive experience and professional knowledge in liability and insurance law.

We advise companies and entrepreneurs as well as insurance companies in liability cases involving personal injury, damage to property, loss of profit etc. specialising in the following areas:

  • General liability law (contractual and tort)
  • Product liability 
  • Professional liability 
  • Liability for construction and planning (liability of owners, contractors, architects and engineers)
  • Private insurance law
  • Social security law (old age and survivors' insurance, disability insurance, federal occupational pension and accident insurance law) 
  • Regulatory matters

For our clients we draft contracts and give advice regarding protective measures that cover liability risks. In liability cases, we render an opinion as to the legal situation and provide assistance in the settlement of claims. We assist our clients in negotiations and represent them in court and administrative proceedings.

We assist insurance companies in regulatory matters and proceedings.

Contact: Daniel Maritz, Michael Hochstrasser