Inheritance Law, Succession Planning and Foundations

We have long-term experience in inheritance law and succession planning as well as in matters of foundations and trusts on a national and international level.

We advise entrepreneurs and private individuals regarding their succession planning. We assist them in drafting wills as well as testamentary and matrimonial contracts, render advice with respect to the partition of estates and represent our clients in court proceedings. As executors we administer and liquidate the estate in accordance with the testator's will.

We advise companies in planning the succession in case of retirement or death of the owners. Together with our clients we develop individual solutions so that the business can be continued as they wish. In cooperation with external tax experts we optimise the tax aspects.

We assist our clients in setting up and managing foundations. We help draft the deed of foundation and advise our clients with respect to organisational and regulatory issues. Furthermore we advise our clients in issues relating to trusts.

Our legal services include in particular the following areas:

  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning
  • Wills, testamentary and matrimonial contracts
  • Execution of wills
  • Partition and liquidation of the estate
  • Foundations and trusts

Contact: Kaspar Schiller, Heinrich Hempel, Daniel Maritz, Dorothee Auwärter