Administrative, Municipal, Construction, Public Procurement and Transport Law

We have many years of experience and professional knowledge in the areas of:

  • Constitutional and administrative law
  • Municipal law
  • Construction law
  • Public procurement law
  • Transportation law

We advise and represent individuals, companies and public authorities in constitutional and administrative matters as the grant of concessions and authorisations, administrative proceeding (including disciplinary and enforcement proceedings), protection of individual liberties and the right to vote. Our activities cover, among others, the areas of political rights, right of citizenship, administrative sanctions, police law, public labour law, IT, health law as well as liability of governmental bodies.

We advise municipalities and other public bodies on all aspects of municipal law. Among others, we support our clients in the areas of public finance and organisation law, legislation, municipality mergers, inter-municipal cooperation and public private partnerships.

We advise and represent private individuals, companies and authorities in matters of construction and spatial planning law, in particular with regard to planning permits, in proceedings under construction law and in the preparation and execution of construction projects. In addition, we advise private individuals, companies and authorities on all civil law issues arising in connection with construction, such as contracts for work and services, builder's liens, consortiums, etc., and we represent our clients in construction related litigation.

In public procurement law we advise public authorities with respect to the preparation of the tender, the evaluation of the offers, the conclusion of contracts and the defence against appeals. We advise contractors and other companies in the course of procurement proceedings, review the decisions of the public authorities and represent our clients in court proceedings.

We advise and represent shipping companies and governmental bodies in all matters of transport law (air, ground and water). We assist our clients with respect to the grant and renewal of concessions and authorisations, safety issues and other regulatory measures. Furthermore we advise our clients in matters of private transport law, draft contracts, provide assistance in liability cases and represent them in court and administrative proceedings.

Contact: Beat Denzler, Heinrich Hempel, Michael Hochstrasser, Simon Bachmann, Arthur Frauenfelder